Winter Heating Tips for Glasgow

At Gillies Heating we feel strongly about our commitment to helping our customers, particularly as
winter is upon us. We all know that Scottish weather can change dramatically, sunshine one day
then freezing the next! The heating gets turned to full blast and the heating bills soar.

Tip #1: Consider the age of your boiler

During cold spells a very IMPORTANT point to consider is the age of your boiler. Older
boilers can be inefficient and very costly to run. A new energy efficient boiler can help
reduce your heating bills by up to 30%.

Tip #2: Lower your room thermostat

To help reduce home heating bills, lower your room thermostat to the lowest comfortable
temperature. Bear in mind that by turning your thermostat down by just one degree, means
you can cut fuel bills by around 10%

Tip #3: Start using thermostatic radiator valves

Use thermostatic radiator valves – they sense the air temperature around them and regulate the flow of hot water entering the radiators to keep a set temperature in a room.

Tip #4: insulate as much as possible

Make sure your home is insulated as much as possible and stop drafts without stopping air ventilation.

Tip #5: Make sure all your radiators are turned on

Make sure all your radiators are on, so the hot water circulates all around – they don’t need to be high even the lowest setting is good for circulation and keeping the cold and damp out of un-used rooms.

Tip #6: Set your timer

If you are using a timer, set it for around 30 minutes before getting up for your system to come on and around put off around 30 minutes before going to bed.

Tip #7: Leave your system on low if your away

If you go away for an extended period, leave your central heating on a low setting and ask someone to turn it up during prolonged severe weather.